List of available downloads for current version

WARNING! Aviator updated to Microsoft .NET Core 3.1

Learn how to update Aviator reading Quick Reference or Installation Manual
All installations are basic free version by default. An Aviator Pro license has to be purchased to activate the full featured version.

Installation files

Name Description Action
AviatorSelfExtractor.exe Self-extractor installer for windows Download ZIP file for windows manual installation Download ZIP file for Mac manual installation Download ZIP file for Linux manual installation Download

Manuals and documentation

Name Description Action
Aviator Manual.pdf Aviator user's manual Download
Aviator Quick Reference.pdf Aviator installation quick reference Download
Aviator Installation Manual.pdf Aviator full installation manual Download
Aviator Pro Terms and Conditions.pdf Aviator Pro license terms and conditions Download
Aviator - Custom Switch Panel.pdf Aviator Pro - Custom switch panel documentation Download
Aviator Pro failure checklist.pdf Aviator most common issues and problems Download